Liberty BASIC Bug Tracker

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This wiki consolidates bugs reported in the various online Liberty BASIC communities and it allows for new bugs to be reported, as well.

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List of Categories

  • See the index at the right-hand-side of this page.

  • The Not a Bug section of each category includes problems related to design limitations or people expecting things to work the same way as in other BASIC dialects.

How to report new Bugs

  • To report new bugs, just create a new page with a descriptive name using the Bug Report template.
  • A descriptive name for a page reporting a bug with a command could look like {command} - {problem}.

    • Example: INPUT - Variable as Prompt

  • Tagging is not mandatory, if a page is not tagged, an organizer will do so.

  • Use a category tag to insure that a bug report is listed on a category page.
  • The category pages include a hint about the tag to use for this category.
  • The bug report templates include a list of available tags as a reference.

  • For existing pages use the page menu item Details and Tags to apply tags, hover over the page button to display the menu. To get a list of tags containing the entered characters, just wait a second for its display.

About Bug Priority

  • This does not in any way indicate the priority of when they will be fixed. It is more or less an indicator of how easy it is to discover them, is there an acceptable workaround, does it have a high impact on the development of a program, etc.

List of used Categories

  1. Array
  2. api
  3. blank_report
  4. category
  5. category_release_notes
  6. category_summary
  7. controls
  8. dialogs
  9. environment
  10. events
  11. files
  12. freeform
  13. graphics
  14. help
  15. math
  16. nobug
  17. priority_high
  18. priority_low
  19. priority_medium
  20. sort
  21. strings
  22. structure
  23. syntax
  24. syntax parser
  25. variables
  26. windows
  27. {status}